Sydney Futurians Meeting
Sydney Futurians meeting
Front row (l to r) Mark and Evelyn Leeper, John August, Alex Rafalovitch, Kevin Dillon, Michael Walsh
Back row: me (holding Pavlova mix gift), Ian Woolf, jan howard ("Wombat") finder,
Peter Eisler, Meridel Newton, Barry Newton, Judy Newton, Garry Dalrymple
(Photo courtesy of Evelyn Leeper)
ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park
ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park,
possibly the most classic and tasteful public building of its kind that I've ever seen
(Photo courtesy of Eve Ackerman)
Sydney Harbourside
Sydney Harbourside from a Sydney ferry
It contains a great Aboriginal art and artifact store owned and run by native people
and a meat pie place with vegetarian pies!
Eve and Sydney Opera House
Traveling companion Eve Ackerman and the Sydney Opera House