Rotorua is a very active geothermal area. Steam vents are everywhere, even in local parks, and there are several areas of active geysers and boiling mud pools. The area is also strongly influenced by the local Maori people.
Lake Rotorua
Lake Rotorua -- it wasn't a great idea to pick a hotel on its shores, as the sulphur smell was stronger there than elsewhere in the city
Water organ
Hard to see, I know, but this is a water organ with colored lights playing on various water jets that respond to music being played in the room
Geyser Pohutu geyser
Steam vent in park Steam vents are all over, even on a path in a neighborhood park
Meetinghouse Meetinghouse at Maori Arts and Crafts Institute
Storehouse Maori storehouse at Maori Arts and Crafts Institute
Maori chief Maori chief at the te wero ("challenge") part of the Maori evening through Tamaki Tours, which takes you to a real Maori village